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Updated Saturday December 6 2014

We are happy to say the Vista Drive Lights are up and running! Please check the schedule tab for hours, which will vary.


If you visit our display, be sure to tune your FM radio to Christmas Radio 88.3 so that you can fully enjoy the show, as the light display is synchronized to holiday music.  

Please, in the spirit of the season, be curteous to the families that call Vista Drive home by not blocking the street to thru traffic and blocking the driveways.  The best way to view the show is drive right past the house, turn around in the cul-de-sac at the end of the street (do not use driveways to turn around), and drive back up to the house, watching the show as you pass by.  During heavy traffic periods, its okay to slow down but please keep moving.  There maybe a volunteer directing traffic on our street.  Please follow their direction to help keep things flowing smoothly for all to enjoy.  If traffic is light, feel free to stop briefly (on the same side of the street as the house).    We have created this display in hopes that it contributes to everyone's enjoyment of the Holidays.  You can show your appreciation for the display by being considerate of the families that call Vista Drive home.  With that said, we hope you have an opportunity to come by, and please travel safely.


We would like to thank many of you for the thoughtful comments, and you can check out the link "General Info" to find the answers to many of the questions posed on the comments board.  Also a very special thanks to the neighbors of Vista Drive and the Auburn law enforcement officials for helping make this display available for everyone's enjoyment.  If you see them, be sure to thank them!


If you would like to share your feedback, please visit our Comments Section!

We hope you enjoy the show!        






Click here to see a Youtube Video of one of our display songs

Merry Christmas!

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